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Sea, Mountain and Nature

Marettimo is the most distant and isolated of the Egadi Islands, with a history of its own, also from a geological and naturalistic point of view, compared to the other islands of the archipelago. Mountainous and wild, in fact, it broke away from the mainland several millennia before the other two. Its high and rocky coasts form the caves, about four hundred worthy of note, both on the surface and in depth, reachable only from the sea, and offer to the visitor's gaze depths of indescribable beauty, which can be accessed almost exclusively by means of boats.

The island takes its current name from the sea that surrounds it and from the thyme: the mountain smells of the thyme it is covered with, and majestically overlooks the town that lies at its feet. The landing takes place at the Scalo Nuovo, and you immediately feel the majestic role of the impending mountain. In any case, the Scalo Vecchio, on the opposite side, is the true fishing port of Marettimo, from which you can see Punta Troia, which juts out over the sea with its Castle built in the 9th century by the Saracens and subsequently brought as it is today by the Spaniards.

Leaving the town, following a mule track that climbs up the mountain among the Mediterranean vegetation, we arrive at the archaeological site of the “Roman Houses”. Here are the remains of a Roman building and a temple dating back to the early centuries of the Christian era, evidence of the presence of the Romans on the island. Nearby is the Byzantine church dedicated to the cult of St. Basil, probably from the 11th century, characterized by a contracted Greek cross plan.
From the southern part of the town, the excursion to the mountains begins via a road that initially runs along the sea, and then climbs towards Punta Bassana. Continuing along paths in the midst of wild vegetation, which also has numerous species of plants of exclusive relevance to this territory, even compared to the rest of Sicily, we arrive, passing through increasingly evocative places, at the Punta Libeccio lighthouse.

Going north by boat from the old port, you can visit the Camel Cave, where you can reach a small pebble beach at the bottom of the cave itself. Continuing further north from Punta Troia, the Grotta del Tuono opens up, and with Punta Mugnone the northern coast of the island thus ends.

On the western side there is a fantastic scenery, with a coast that becomes very high, and Dolomite rocks that descend sheer to the transparent and turquoise sea: Cala Bianca, Grotta Perciata, Cala Bombarda and the Grotta del Presepio, inside which the rocks, transformed into stalactites and stalagmites by the constant and merciless erosion of the sea and the wind, look like statues of a nativity scene. Again we reach Cala Spalmatore, and after Punta Libeccio the coast miraculously begins to green again among small coves up to Punta Bassana.
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The caves
The caves of Marettimo are attractions not to be missed. You can visit them by taking a boat tour of the island. The most important are: cave of the camel, cave of the thunder, cave of the pipe, grotta perciata, grotta della ficaredda, grotta del presepe, ruttiddi and grotta della bombarda. Depending on the weather conditions, through the boat it will be possible to cross them and admire them.
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The Coves
The main feature of the Marettimo is the rockiness, so its wild side will make you find wonderful coves made of nature, silence and crystal clear waters full of fish: Cala Bianca, Punta Libeccio, Cala Nera, Cala Manione, Scalo Maestro, Cretazzo, Forklifts, Praia Nacchi and Rotolo. Only two will be reachable on foot: the rest of the boats will take care of accompanying you and picking you up!
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The mountainousness of Marettimo allows you to carry out intense trekking activities that will make you live unique experiences immersed in nature: from the town you can reach the Castle, the Roman Houses, Punta Basano, Punta Libeccio, Carcaredda, Semaforo, Cala Bianca and Pizzo Falcone. Different routes with varying difficulties: seeing is believing, it's really worth it!
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The village
Living Marettimo also means experiencing the town, its people and its places walking through the streets of the center and the port. Not the least characteristic of Marettimo is its gastronomy and fresh fish. Several restaurants are ready to welcome you for special dinners
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